Dancing Fountains:

about image Las Fuentes Bailarinas are a water and light musical show that takes place nightly in downtown Chihuahua. Different evenings have different music styles which are set to moving fountains and lights. Nearby is the main plaza of Chihuahua where you will find various events and food stands, particularly over the weekend nights.

City Overlook on Mount Coronel

about imageEl Mirador is situated on top of one of the highest points in the city, el Cerro Coronel. You can drive or hike to the top where there is a café and patio area to enjoy the various views of the mountains which surround the city. The sunsets at this location are not to be missed.

La Deportiva:

about image Chihuahua has two gigantic public parks, each over a square kilometer and full of tennis, basketball, racquetball, soccer and football fields, in addition to children’s play equipment, fountains, a swimming pool and various other sport activities. The original Deportiva also has a large stadium and a two kilometer running path which follows the exterior of the park.

Minor League Baseball:

about image "Béisbol Profesional" is in Chihuahua as of 2007, with the Dorados of Chihuahua participating in the Mexican League (equivalent to AA level). A new baseball stadium next door to the new Deportiva park creates a wonderful setting for summer evenings of baseball.


Extreme Park:

about image The Parque Extremo is a new park built for the more extreme sports of skateboarding, BMX and rock climbing. The park features a skate park for both skateboarders and bikers, a dirt track for bikers, a four-sided climbing wall and two sand volleyball courts. The skate park, dirt track and volleyball courts are free of charge and open to the public, while the climbing wall charges a minimum fee per hour of climbing.

Plaza del Sol Mall and Cinepolis:

about image This two-story mall features more than 50 stores, including a two-level arcade, a food court, and a 10-screen movie theater. Two of the screens are classified as VIP theaters, an upscale movie experience featuring lazy-boy style seats and a wait staff which can offer foods such as sushi, crapes and baguettes for you to enjoy during the feature film.

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