An important part of the total immersion program is to live with a Mexican host family while studying at Interaction. The time the student spends with the host family is a crucial part of learning the culture and language, as it provides a low-anxiety setting for the student to practice speaking and listening.

Taking each student's needs and preferences into consideration, our housing board will place you in the best setting available. We will place only one student per family to preserve the lifestyle of each household and allow complete Spanish immersion. Breakfast, lunch and dinner for seven days a week are included in the cost of housing.

about imageStudents will sometimes travel on weekends to other points of interest outside of Chihuahua. During these periods of absence, the housing fees are not waived. Though we recommend living with a host family for total immersion, there might be students who would prefer to stay in a hotel or apartment depending on their situation. This type of accommodation (including apartments located at the school) can be arranged. Please contact us for more details.