Program Information

Program Philosophy

Our program is based on the philosophy that total immersion in a culture is the key component to learning to speak another language. Relationships, people and culture are what make a language come alive, and immersion into the community is the means by which a student will become proficient in the language. Through our total immersion program, we can bring together your desires to communicate in a foreign tongue and the contexts necessary for you to reach your goal.

Classroom Approach

about imageThe Natural Approach is used in the classroom to provide a relaxed and positive learning environment. Only Spanish is employed in the presentation of the material in order for the students to hear the correct pronunciation and to prevent language errors caused by translation. This approach gives the student the immediate satisfaction of being able to speak more than rote phrases and creates a learning environment where students are not afraid to make mistakes.

Programs Information

Semester Program:

The Semester Program is either a 10 week summer program or a 16 week spring/fall program. These programs provide adequate time to obtain a high level of Spanish ability,and will meet the needs of students who wish to take the CLEP exam to fulfill university language requirements. Classes are held Monday to Thursday and include a morning and afternoon session with a long lunch break in between. Sessions include focus on pronunciation, vocabulary and grammar, as well as practice with conversation, reading,and short excursions to develop comprehension and speaking skills. Classes are structured to allow for long weekends which facilitate travel and additional opportunities for students to apply the Spanish abilities they have acquired, as well as an opportunity to get immersed in the local culture (this can include community outreach; see linkbelow).

Flexible Program:

The Flexible Program is an open-dated program to allow those with a more limited time frame the opportunity to increase their Spanish proficiency. The program is offered for any period of time, though at least six weeks are recommended and two weeks are required.

Class Size

A maximum of four students are placed in each class to allow active participation and personal attention from the instructor. This small group learning system leads to dynamic interaction within the group and has proven to be the most effective approach in language acquisition. Class placement is determined through a comprehensive test taken prior to program commencement.

Community Outreach