Spanish Program for Chihuahua Residents

Interaction provides Spanish language training to expatriates residing in Chihuahua who wish to build their Spanish competency from the basic needs to live life in Mexico to an advanced level of speaking and comprehension.

Our program is based on the philosophy that immersion in the culture is the key component to learning to speak another language.  We adhere to the Natural Approach philosophy of instruction, focusing on gradual and Spanish-based imparting of material.  This creates a relaxed and positive learning environment, allowing the student to become accustomed to the sound of the language and avoid errors caused by frequent translation.  This approach gives the student the immediate satisfaction of being able to speak Spanish with a good accent, communicate more than rote phrases and creates a learning environment where the student is not afraid to make mistakes. Over time the student will learn more rapidly and at a higher proficiency than if a translation method were used.

Instructors are available to come to your home or your office to give instruction, or you may receive classes at our five classroom facility located in Colonia Panamericana.  Our facility also has a variety of Spanish materials (books, DVDs, games) students are free to check-out to help aid their Spanish advancement.  Join us at Interaction and watch the process of learning Spanish enrich your experience in Chihuahua.


Tuition is shown here in Mexican Pesos (tuition is per student):