Student Experiences

“The method of teaching at Interaction is so superior to what we get in the States; students who have been taking Spanish classes for 5 or 6 years are asking me what the teacher is saying! Being immersed in the Mexican culture and Spanish language was the most beneficial thing I’ve done with a summer.”

Ginger McKinney
University of Arkansas
Summer 2006

"I have studied Spanish before, but living here is a different situation. I was able to experience the culture and language, rather than just study it. Chihuahua is a wonderful place to live and study."

Alicia Podufalski
Eastern University
Summer 2007

" My experience at Interaction was outstanding.  I went there knowing almost no Spanish and after 5 weeks feel like I have the foundation to become fluent with continued practice.  The facilities and our housing accommodations were also excellent."

Thomas Walker
Conway, Arkansas
Fall 2007

“I loved Mexico so much I stayed! My host family is awesome; I am like part of the family. I went from 0 to 98% fluent in three months!”

Nick Tignor
Former Wal-Mart Assistant Buyer
Fall 2006

"I was really impressed by the amount of thought that is put into every aspect of the program. A real effort is put into matching students with host families that meet their interests (mine was terrific!). And while there are a lot of classroom hours each day, those hours are carefully broken up, by changing activities and teachers, so that the day moves right along! As an older student, I was worried that I would feel out of place, but Interaction has a fun and friendly environment. The staff and host families make sure that the experience is very welcoming."

Charlotte Haney
Case Western Reserve University
Summer 2007

“I loved living in Chihuahua. It seems as though the city is perfect for studying Spanish. I also really appreciated the work and planning put into the program to make it very dynamic and enjoyable.”

Elena Magaña
Texas Tech University
Summer 2007

“My host family was marvelous and included me in so much. It was an excellent experience, and I hope to come back next year!”

Rosie Lopez
Las Vegas, New Mexico
Spring 2007

“I learned so much and have made some amazing friends here who I plan on staying in close contact with. It is great to know that I truly have a home in another country!”

Kassie Sen
University of Arkanas
Summer 2007

“Chihuahua is an amazing city, safe and full of very friendly people. The teachers at Interaction are all very nice, and because there are all different types of teachers the school is able to match them to fit your learning style.”

James Kuhr
University of Texas Law School
Summer 2007

“If you want, you can help at orphanages, churches, or with the homeless. This is also a great way to learn Spanish because the whole time you have to be speaking Spanish! The teachers are just amazing. They want you to get involved in life in Mexico. They will take you to the movies, take you on vacation, or just hang out with you. If you want to learn Spanish, Interaction is the place to do it. You’re totally surrounded by Spanish and everyone there will encourage.”

Chris Miller
John Brown University
Summer 2007

“ Interaction is one of the best-kept secrets in Mexico! It is easy driving distance from the U.S. -- only about 4 hours from the Texas or New Mexico border, with freeway driving all the way to Chihuahua. I found Chihuahua to be a modern, safe city.  I was very happy with the school facilities, its excellent teachers and friendly, helpful staff. My home stay was a special experience, where I enjoyed some wonderful Mexican food and fun family events ”


Betty McMahon
Deming, New Mexico
Spring 2007